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Who We Are

We are a fast-growing business who understand the pressures you operate under and your preference for no-nonsense advice and practical solutions. Our company has a reputation for understanding the industry-specific requirements of each client and responding to them with quality service and support.

Business needs are constantly changing, so we seek better ways to serve them. We achieve this by understanding the industry-specific requirement and deliver. We provide cost-effective solutions for all our clients, large and small, ensuring that their project realistically reflects their budget whilst maintaining our high design and project management standards.

Xpert Consultancy Service is a cutting-edge business focusing on Cloud, Secure Infrastructure and Managed IT Service and Consultancy. Our goal is to be a key partner to our customers by providing reliability and quality in the products and services we offer. We have been doing this since 2003, and have successfully served customers in several countries since then. We have clients in the United Kingdom, Poland, India and UAE. Our clients operate in a range of sectors including Banking, IT Service Providers, Manufacturing, Housing, Insurance, Shipping, Pension, Legal, Printing,International Education, Tourism, Media, Retail, Consultancy, and e commerce.

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What We Do

Xpert Consultancy delivers technology solutions that help our clients streamline their processes and embrace competitive advantages. We specialise in IT service and support, maintenance, virtualisation, migration and upgrades, systems integration, web-enablement of legacy applications, enterprise-scale database design and development, solution-focused web/software development, consulting, and staffing services.

  • Cloud (Azure | Office 365 | Microsoft 365 | AWS)
  • Secure Infrastructure | Endpoint Protection
  • Skype | Teams | Collaboration
  • Merger & Acquisitions | Transitions
  • Managed Services | IT Consultancy
  • Server Installations and Maintenance
  • Custom Images | Auto Pilot | PC/Notebook Installations
  • Backup Management - Remote & Onsite
  • Email Solutions, Office Automations & IT Service Management
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Our Solutions Help Our Clients:

  • Manage the Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Investments
  • Decrease Overall Expenses and Increase ROI
  • Support Revenue Opportunities Through Data Mining
  • Outperform Competition With a Better Infrastructure
  • Please Customers With Improved Responsiveness

Our Service delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective information technology services to customers globally. We provide world-class technology services by constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long-term value to our customers. Today, our solutions provide strategic advantage to several most-admired organizations in the world. We are focused on helping enterprises leverage technology to achieve business goals.

We also offer regular maintenance, training, and other implementation support services. Xpert Consultancy provides staff expansion services to clients who need additional support for their internal technology teams. Project managers, business analysts, database developers, software, server, and network engineers are all among their consultants available for short or long-term hire.

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How We Do It

Our professional services teams work with customers in an agreed project engagement either time based or resource-based. This will enable the customers to make informed business decisions before engaging in any IT projects. Our highly experienced and qualified professionals work with the customer team to carry out discovery and assessment of the project requirements.

Our team prepares a comprehensive plan at the beginning of the engagement. Critical projects can appear extremely daunting at the outset. In reality, the management of complex workstreams can be readily broken down into a logical sequence of events; effective project management is simple but is executed with excellence.

It requires 3 skillsets:

  • Technical Knowledge;
  • Processes and Procedures;
  • Strength and Stamina in Execution.
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Projects tend to fail when one or more of these key ingredients are missing. Our team have remained successful over many years by producing individuals and groups with the perfect blend of these skills. In delivery, we have the technical expertise to see where complex interrelated tasks are slips and to provide resolution before they become critical.

An essential aspect of successful project delivery is the management of expectation and clear and defensible decision criteria. We apply a rigorous methodology to the interaction with project stakeholders. This includes a Project Charter that identifies decision-makers and defines how decisions will be made and recorded. Our team has the strength of personality to resolve issues without conflict.

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Why Xpert Consultancy

Xpert Consultancy has been providing IT solutions since 2003. We remain committed to putting our clients first, offering them solutions with true integrity.

In our decades of existence, we have worked with some of the leading companies, and we have done extensive work in industries that rely heavily on a fast and robust IT infrastructure. The expertise we have developed in these areas makes us an invaluable strategic partner. We provide a comprehensive experience, including consultation by subject matter experts, professional design and implementation, and world-class service and support for everything we do.

We provide infrastructure management services to maintain and upgrade custom applications cost-effectively.

We collaborate to provide efficient solutions to our clients. Our services address an array of clients, including modernizing and securing infrastructures.

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We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our people. Our expertise lies in our ability to utilize domain knowledge, outsourcing experience, and intellectual property to deliver superior technology solutions that are aligned with the business outcomes of our customers.

Xpert Consultancy Technology Centre

Our technology centre exists to provide full-service solutions to customer comprehensive requirements. The premise for building and managing an intelligent organisation is simple: Get the right information to the right people at the right time.

The challenge is to make that vision a reality across your entire organisation and to do it in a way that can easily adapt to changing business conditions.

We offer a full range of enterprise architecture services including rapid assessment, corporate technology strategy, infrastructure planning, design and implementation. In an arena well known for impractical visions and failed initiatives, our approach is a practical one: We rapidly design and implement enterprise architectures and frameworks that are open, secure, scalable, reliable, and ready for future iteration.